Anxiety, depression, or even regular run of the mill life stresses can cause our bodies to feel run down and our muscles to tighten up. A general full body relaxation massage typically targets the body as a whole rather than any specific area or body part and focuses on a calming even pressure to increase circulation and reduce tension.

Sports Massage is designed for people whose bodies come under wear and tear due to physical activity on a regular basis - but you dont have to be a professional athelete to utilize sports massage! This type of treatment typically utilizes faster strokes and assisted stretches. Often times client requesting sport massage will be dressed in shorts to allow for more mobility and different positioning throughout the treatment.
While natural and beautiful, Pregancy is a time of wellness that creates considerable muscular and emotional strain on the body. Massage can be an amazing natural treatment to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression, relieve aches and pains, and even increase the health of your soon to be newborn baby. 



Rehab Massage typically tends to be shorter in length, 30 or 45 minute sessions, that focus on 1 specific injury or dysfunction at a time. While sessions can be 60 or 90 minutes in length, the shorter treatments allow for injury care to be more frequent rather than spaced out over several weeks.
Deep Tissue Massage is similar to Swedish Massage, but focuses on utilizing slow deep strokes and frictioning techniques to relieve the deepest layers of muscle, tendons, and connective tissue which are typically the result of chronic injury.

30 Minute Massage - $46
45 Minute Massage - $57
($60 as of Jan 1/2019)
60 Minute Massage - $75 

90 Minute Massage - $105


As Lauren Toews is a Registered Massage Therapist in Winnipeg, all treatments are eligible to be submitted under private health insurance.

For client ease, direct billing is offered for most major Health Insurance companies in Manitoba (mainly GreatWest Life, Blue Cross, Greenshield and Chamber of Commerce). If you have questions about if your provider is accepted, please use the contact form.

​Payment can be made with Visa, MasterCard, American ExpressCash or Advanced payment E-Transfer 

* Debit is NOT an accepted form of payment

Cancelation Policy:

A minimum of 12 hours is required for notification of a cancelled appointment. If you are unable to provide notice, or you simply do not show up to your appointment, you are liable to pay the full cost of the treatment booked.

If you are a first time client who does not provide adequate notice, you will also be required to pre-pay for the next appointment you try to book.